Olivia Makes It Her Business to Bake Cookies

Olivia Kindler was recognized as a 'Student Spotlight' at a recent board of school trustees meeting. Olivia is a Woodlan student in her last transition year from high school to adulthood.  She is AMAZING in the kitchen!  She’s very detailed oriented, loves routines, and she is great at following recipes especially when it comes to making cookies!  Olivia has been spending her afternoons creating a business of baking cookies.  Family and friends will order cookies from her for special occasions or just a family treat.

She’s been making  sampler boxes of cookies to promote her business. Students from Mr. Smith’s Radio and TV class helped her make a commercial to promote her business.

If you'd like to order some of her delicious cookies, email jiclark@eacs.k12.in.us. 

Congratulations Olivia!  Best Wishes in your baking business! Thanks to her teacher Ms. Wuest, Ms. Clark and principal Mr. Kern for their support.