Staff Member Recognized for Going Above and Beyond

The Board of School Trustees and Superintendent Hissong honored a staff member who has gone above and beyond the call of duty! Recently, at a local store a customer saw this person.  She, the EACS employee had on her school ID badge and the badge displayed Heritage Pride.  Her name is Stella-Addington Moore.

An anonymous person (who we will refer to as Grandma) wrote a letter to Superintendent Hissong indicating that Stella helped her with her  granddaughter with special needs. Her granddaughter was having a moment in the store.  She was on the floor in the middle of the isle.  She refused to get up.  Stella asked the grandmother if she needed help.  The grandmother responded "yes, please"!  Stella said okay, I’ll be right back.  Grandma thought she had taken off.  Stella came back with some books to read.  She also purchased the books for the child.  Stella sat down on the floor, in the middle of isle with the child.  Stella began reading the book out loud and this got the granddaughters attention.  Stella was very animated while reading the book.  The granddaughter suddenly went over to Stella, sat there and listened to her read.  After the book was read, Stella gave her the book and gave the grandmother the receipt for the book. Stella told grandmother that it was a gift for her granddaughter. 

The grandmother says, “There is always negative talk about school and staff but I want to say thank you for hiring a wonderful lady. She did not see color, she did not give dirty looks because I couldn’t handle my granddaughter instead she smiled and asked if I needed help and for that I say thank you”.

Stella Addington-Moore, we say thank you for all you do for children and families.  Your display of giving, compassion and care is what life is all about!  We are proud to say you are an employee at East Allen County Schools!