Food Service Team Member Vital Part of Each Day

JESSICA BECRAFT  is a member of the Heritage food service team.  She is such a vital part of the kitchen.  She works hard everyday no matter the day or how she is feeling or what goes wrong.  She has a goofy, uplifting and kind attitude.  She cares about the quality of her work and the happiness of the students!  She somehow (no matter how busy she is) makes everyday a better workday for those around her.  She is someone we can all trust and depend on.  Her work ethic is a great example to us every day.

Jessica regularly works ahead so that she can help put the delivery away.  She also works hard to ensure that our 11 gluten-free, 6 dairy free, 1 vegan, numerous vegetarian and special diet kids are well taken care of.  She tries to make their meals as close to the regular meal each day as possible.  She creates new menu items for them regularly.  Jessica is the life of the kitchen always singing, laughing or hollering her funny “ohh yeahhh!”  So thankful to have Jessica in our kitchen!