Golden Spatula Award Winner

Jill Bremer has been an outstanding addition to the Alternative School team.  Before Jill’s arrival, the food had been prepared off-site and transported to the school.  This was sufficient, but Jill is now preparing the food on-site and doing a fantastic job.  She takes great care in her presentation of the food, always working hard to make it look as appetizing as possible.  The fruit has been a big hit with the students.  We have students eating more fruit and healthier lunches than ever before.  In addition to Jill’s hard work in preparing and presenting the food, she has gone above and beyond expectations in her interactions with students. She has built relationships with the students and is always friendly and helpful.  She knows the students by name and makes them feel welcomed in the cafeteria.  Jill is making a big difference at the Alt. school, and we are extremely thankful to have her as part of our team.

From day one, Jill has come in and changed the entire mood (for the better) of the cafeteria.  Our food is served fresh with LOVE! We love Jill!!

Jill is always on time.  She is great at dealing with the students and staff.  She has made such a positive change in our kitchen.  She goes above for ALL students and staff.  She’s always positive & smiling.  She is a great staff member for the Alternative School/Career Center.

Jill Bremer thank you for your hard work and dedication to our students and staff at EACS!