Candice Dodson Award Winner

Recently, during the EACS Teach It. Do It. Summer of Learning Conference for K-12 educators, Mrs. Jennifer Sholl, technology coach at EACS won the prestigious Candice Dodson award!  Mrs. Sholl has worked for EACS for 21 years. She has been a middle school math and science teacher, a 4th grade teacher, and for the last 8 years, the Technology Coach.

 The Candice Dodson award was created after the tragic death of Ms. Dobson in 2020. The Office of Digital Learning started the Candice Dodson award in 2022 to honor her memory and support those of the same spirit. Ms. Dobson served as the Director of the Office of eLearning at IDOE from 2011 to 2019. The work that she did during that time and the twenty years previous as an Indiana educator paved the way for the state of Indiana to embrace innovation.  Candice influenced educational policy and laid the foundation for connected learning in Indiana.

 This award is given to someone who is a change agent, a thought leader.  Someone who isn’t okay with the status quo: someone who is always driven towards improvement and innovation for positive change.  A person who receives the Candice Dodson award is someone who knows that there is enough room in the world for all of us to succeed. 

 Mr. Keith Madsen, director of technology said, “Mrs. Sholl is very deserving of this prestigious award because she is a change agent. Mrs. Sholl is a problem solver. If technology issues arise, Jen is always ready to assess the situation and quickly find a solution.  Jen’s efforts always take her beyond her building assignment. She is highly respected by building staff as someone who is always ready and willing to help students and staff alike.”