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East Allen County Schools 'Teacher of the Year' Announced
Posted on 04/24/2015
Congratulations to Mr. Kevin Elrod for being selected as the EACS ‘Teacher of the Year’! Mr. Elrod Kevin Elrod is also the overall Teacher of the Year for the elementary level. He is a 6th grade teacher at Leo Elementary and has been teaching for 13 with EACS!   more
Cedarville Elementary School Teachers Honored by Board of Trustees
Posted on 04/21/2015
Mr. Larry Linson and Mr. Bryan Kaylor, both 3rd grade teachers at Cedarville Elementary School was honored by the East Allen County Schools Board of Trustees for spending the school year inspiring young minds to learn, create and discover! This summer Mr. Linson and Mr. Kaylor and 99 other Indiana’s most gifted K-12 educators will take time for their own exploration and growth through Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity Fellowships.  more
Heritage Elementary Celebrates Grandparents
Posted on 04/17/2015
Students at Heritage Elementary School invited grandparents to spend a morning in the classroom observing how they are learning these days. Grandparents were introduced to classroom technology. Grandparents learned the game Kahoots; a popular game that pairs the smart board and ipads to test the students’ knowledge on many subjects.  more
East Allen Alternate School Students Making a Difference in the Biosphere
Posted on 04/17/2015
East Allen Alternative School students are trying to do just one little thing to make a difference in the biosphere. Students are studying the life cycle of butterflies, building butterfly boxes, and growing and planting flowers which are conducive to butterfly life. Butterfly habitats (butterfly boxes and plants) will be placed in various areas in the community starting   more