Title I

Title I Overview:

Title I,originally funded as part of the Elementary Secondary Education Act of 1965, is the largest federally funded program designed to provide elementary and secondary schools financial assistance for children in high-poverty and low-performing academic institutions. This program is designed to supplement academic-related instruction to increase learning opportunities for those students who have not mastered the core curriculum and state standards.


The United States has more than 50,000 public schools that utilize Title I funds.  In addition, these funds are also available to non-Public and neglected institutions through the local education agency (LEA). In Indiana, 97% of school corporations receive Title I funding.


Types of Title I:

There are two types of Title I funding available: school-wide program and targeted assistance program.

School-Wide Program:

Schoolswith poverty rates of over 40% are eligible for the school-wide Title I program.The purpose of the school-wide program is to increase student achievementthroughout the entire school. Students are not identified as academicallyeligible, rather, every child benefits from the supplemental academic servicesand programs that are offered by a Title I school-wide program. Anothercomponent of this program is that a school improvement plan (SIP) must also bedeveloped by parents, teachers, principals and administrators that focuses onimproving the quality of teaching and learning in the school. The schoolimprovement plan provides a framework for analyzing problems, identifyingunderlying causes and addressing instructional issues in a school that has notmade sufficient progress in student achievement.

Schools in EACS that are School-wide Title I:

Paul Harding Junior High

Prince Chapman Academy

Southwick Elementary

Targeted Assistance Program:

Schools with a poverty rate lower that 40% (or schools that have chosen not to implement a school-wide program) are eligible to implement the targeted assistance program. Targeted assistance schools employ staff that is paid with Title I funds, whose primary focus is to serve those students who are of most academic need or are at most risk of failing to meet the Indiana Academic Standards. There are numerous assessments used to determine which students are eligible to participate in the targeted assistance program and services may be provided within intervention, after-school tutoring or other supplemental services determined by the individual targeted assisted school.

Schools in EACS that are Targeted Assistance schools:

Heritage Elementary

Highland Terrace Elementary

Meadowbrook Elementary

New Haven Middle School