School Mgmt & Title I & II
 Dr. Michael Shaffer

Asst. Supt. of School Management and Special Programs


Robin Amstutz
School Management Coordinator


  • Manage and evaluate Principals
  • Manage Student Service and Alternative Schools
  • Building Manager for Park Hill Learning Center
  • Works with Asst. Supt. of Curr. to supervise 8 Steps Process
  • Assist with policy development and strategic planning for the district
  • Direct and Coordinate Special Programs services & activities: including all government funded programs such as Title I,Title II, and Title III
  • Extended Learning program: Title I schools may offer supplemental tutoring for students in correlation with State Standards, IRead,or other academic focused programs.
  • Families Learning Together: In collaboration with the Literacy Alliance, EACS offers families the opportunity to learn English through a curriculumbased program at Southwick Elementary School. This program consists of two twelveweek sessions throughout the school year.
  • District Parent Liaisons: EACS employs two District Parent Liaisons to assist in communicating with families of the ELL population.
  • Goverment Funded Progams: responsible for development,application and implementation of these programs and compliance with federal,state and local requirements.  Establish budget within constraints of each program. Evaluate success of each program.
  • Non-Publicand Neglected Institutions: Serves as district's liaison to participating and eligible nonpublic and neglected schools regarding Title I and Title III.
  • Professional Development: Design and coordinate professional development for ELL teachers and staff.
  • Room Reservations for Park Hill Learning Center
  • School Management and Special Programs Website: Update information on the EACS website when needed.
  • Professional Development: coordinate meetings and professional development events, prepare agendas and supporting materials
  • Purchase Orders: Enter purchase orders for government funded grants and school management department
  • Inventory: Record and monitor inventory for government funded programs
  • Title I and II Coordinator: Organize and monitor expenditures as approved by the Assistant Superintendent of School Management and Special Programs
  • State Reports: acquire and input information pertaining to Title I state reports into the AS400
  • Transcipts: Pull transcripts for past Paul Harding High School Students
  Dawn Schwehn


Special Programs Coordinator


  • Room Reservations for Park Hill Learning Center
  • Collaboratively work with Dr. Shaffer: to assist in meeting theneeds of English Language Learners
  • ProfessionalDevelopment: Coordinate meetings and professional development events; prepare agendas and supporting materials;reserve facilities
  • GovernmentFunded Programs: Organize and monitor expenditures  for Title III, NESP, and RCSIG grant budgetaccounts as approved by Director of Targeted Academic Support; completemailings associated with federal and state legislation
  • StateSubmissions: Acquire information pertaining to DOE reports and assist inpreparation and submission of reports; obtain and help prepare compliancematerials
  • Communication:Communicate with families as designated by Director of Targeted AcademicSupport
  • Reports:Conduct research; compile and preparedata and reports pertaining to ELL students