High Deductible Health Plan
East Allen County Schools, starting in 2013, will offer a High Deductible Plan (HDHP) with a corresponding Health Savings Account (HSA) for employees.  An HDHP with an HSA is an example of a consumer-driven health plan that is designed to empower you to take control of your health plan and the dollars that you spend on your health care.  This webpage contains a wealth of information for you to make an informed decision in choosing which Group Health Plan best meets your needs.

Group Health Insurance Presentation to Board of School Trustees <CLICK HERE>

Letter to Health Insurance Participants about Employee Meetings <CLICK HERE>

Letter to those who were unable to attend Employee Meetings <CLICK HERE>

2013 Group Health Insurance Rates <CLICK HERE>

October 2012 - Employee Meetings:
- 2013 Group Health Plan Options <CLICK HERE>
- Tower Bank Presentation <PowerPoint> <HTML>
- Enrollment Packet <CLICK HERE>
- Benefit Plan Enrollment Form <CLICK HERE>

Health Savings Account [HSA] Information:
- Consumer Driven Health Plans <CLICK HERE>
- HSA & Medicare (FAQ) <CLICK HERE>
- Healthcare Cost-Saving Strategies <CLICK HERE>
- Prescription Cost Saving Strategies <CLICK HERE>
- HSA's and Retirement <CLICK HERE>
- Enrollment Poster <CLICK HERE>