Title Email Phone Number
Asst. Superintendent of Administrative Services
Kirby Stahly Ext. 1005
Manager of Financial Services
Lois Goeglein Ext. 1006
Payroll Specialist
Mona Snider Ext. 1014
Deputy Treasurer
Geri Freiburger Ext. 1004
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Shelly Buuck Ext. 1012
Accounts Payable Coordinator
Michelle Kelker Ext. 1013
Administrative Services Coordinator
Nena Klotz Ext. 1010
Director of Transportation
Mel Falkner Ext. 2002
Manager of Transportation
Roger Miller Ext. 2004
Routing Specialist
Kim Koenig Ext. 2024
Transportation Coordinator
Stacey Seidel Ext. 2006
Director of Facilities
Doug Roemer Ext. 2003
Facilities Coordinator
Linda Wolford Ext. 2005