New Haven Middle School 'Career Day' A Huge Success
New Haven Middle School 'Career Day' A Huge Success
Posted on 04/15/2013

Recently, the 2nd Annual Career Day at New Haven Middle School was a huge success!  All 8th grade student participated in the event.  There were representatives from 26 different companies and organizations.  The professional volunteers for the day included dentists, nurses, social workers, engineers, computer technicians, police officers, firefighters, military servicemen and attorneys.  There were also a few electricians and auto mechanics on hand. 

Throughout the afternoon, students visited their top four career choices and listened as presenters taught them about their field of employment and the requirements for that field of study. Many students realized their career choices were right on target, while others have decided to re-think their career choices. 

The speakers and students showed much enthusiasm and enjoyment.  Speakers were challenged by the thoughtful questions asked by the students.


Thank you Professionals for visiting New Haven Middle School!

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